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Dr Declan Killalea

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My passion

I grew up on the Central Coast, love soccer and staying fit. I previously worked in Sydney as a Chiropractor, and now I'm back on the Central Coast.

My Chiropractic passion grew when I saw my family members who suffered from back pain have immediate and continued relief because of chiropractic treatment.

My interest in chiropractic and the human body started at a young age as I was getting chiropractic treatment myself.
I felt instant strength, improved sleep and of course reduced pain.

This led me to investigate further and complete a three years Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and two years Master of Chiropractic, at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

My aim is to pass on the knowledge and the benefits that I have gained from Chiropractic treatment to the Central Coast community.

I am passionate about finding and treating the root cause of my patient's discomfort, as there will be a greater likelihood in the reduction of pain, improvement of body function and less chance of reinjury.

By keeping up with current research and creating personalised treatment plans for my patients, better outcomes can be achieved.